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About Us!

Based on over 15,000 hours of real-world classroom experience and countless more dedicated to research and curriculum development, the Elite English methodology is the most developed ESL program in the world today.

Elite English is developed by teachers, for teachers.

Rather than provide a ‘hodgepodge’ of ESL lessons, the Elite English methodology equips you with a complete, incremental ESL curriculum that naturally and efficiently builds the language knowledge and skills needed for greater English fluency in your students.

Trust us, you will love having the lessons that you need, and your students will love learning in the most fun and beneficial way possible.

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Our Vision
Clear, comprehensible instruction for a better path forward.

The goal in developing the Elite English curriculum is to provide you, the teacher with ‘turn-key’ lesson collections that feature professional, yet digestible exercises created to help your students develop their English skills in the most efficient way possible. All lessons are designed to empower you to be at your very best in the classroom, whether it be offline or online because you deserve the very best in teaching support!

Our Mission
Bringing English education and hope for a better world.

The Elite English core mission is to put the most advanced, easy to teach ESL curriculum in the hands of the most passionate, capable ESL teachers in the world today. Our goal is to help our students become more confident, capable communicators in real-world settings. Together, we will improve the quality of life for our students because a world that communicates better in the future, will be a better world for us all.

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